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Our Services

Our handyman services provide comprehensive repairs for any home or business. We have the knowledge and experience to repair any kind of issue, from plumbing to electrical work. Our team of professionals will ensure that your repair is completed quickly and efficiently.

General Handyman Services

Our handyman services have you covered! We're experts in fixing everything from leaky pipes to electrical issues. Trust our skilled team to quickly sort out any repair job you throw our way.


Our company has experienced electricians who can ensure that your home is up to code and that all electrical work is done safely and efficiently. Trust us to handle your renovation from start to finish.

- Light fixture repair/replacements,

- Light bulb replacements,

- Thermostat replacement/upgrades,

- Light switch replacements,

- Electrical outlet replacements,

- Cover plate installation,

- Ceiling fan upgrades,

- Smoke/CO2 detector upgrades


- Removal/replacement of appliances,

- Troubleshooting issues,

- Appliance hookups,

- Dryer vent cleaning,

- Baseboard heater

- Repair/replacements,

- Hood vent replacements.

Cleaning Services

Coming soon in 2024


Our skilled plumbers specialize in optimizing project workflow and efficiency. With extensive experience in both new pipe installation and existing pipe restoration, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your plumbing requirements.

  • Executing faucet replacements

  • Conducting repairs and replacements for toilets

  • Undertaking replacements for kitchen sinks

  • Implementing drain repairs

  • Performing drain-clearing operations

  • Executing drain rebuilds, P-trap installations, sink strainer replacements, and valve replacements.


- Faucet replacement,

- Toilet repairs and replacements,

- Kitchen sink replacement,

- Drain repairs,  cleaning drains, drain rebuilds and P trap replacement,

- Sink strainer and valve replacement.


- Asbestos testing,


- Mold remediation,

- Moisture investigations and toubleshooting,

- Window replacements,

- After hours supervision/security (construction sites),

- Preventative measures after pest control,

- Screen door repairs,

- Vinyl repairs and more.

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